Vanderbilt-Sewanee Research Experience (V-SURE) – Liz Gill, C'18

My first summer as a V-SURE participant was an amazing learning experience. I am a pre-med student and this opportunity was great because it provided me experience in both the research and clinical sides of medicine. I worked in a neurology/cancer biology lab and gained knowledge not only in their field of research but also in basic to complex lab techniques that will help with research in future lab settings. I worked closely with a graduate student and research assistant who guided me throughout the summer as I gained independence and skills in the lab. One of the main takeaways I had from the research side of the internship was that science doesn’t always go as planned and that is ok.  The poster presentation at the end of the summer was very helpful in teaching me how to present research to others with varied knowledge about your studies.  

For my shadowing experience I got to work with Dr. John Zic in the Vanderbilt Dermatology Clinic. This was a great learning opportunity because I not only saw how a doctor examines a patient, but also how a medical student does and then how that student reports to the physician. Dr. Zic was a great teacher and very interactive in helping me learn about the field of dermatology. I especially enjoyed the patient interactions in dermatology as well as the variety of the field. The shadowing aspect of this internship really helped me secure my interest to attend medical school as well as to likely study dermatology after my undergraduate career.

All together this internship was a great way to spend my summer and I look forward to the opportunity I have to participate again next year.