Succeeding in the pre-health curriculum

The pre-health curriculum consists of a diverse array of coursework, much of which is in the STEM fields. These courses are often extremely rigorous in order to provide students with the background skills and knowledge they need to succeed in health care. The Office of Medical and Health Programs partners with the Sewanee Health Professions Society to provide both leadership development opportunities for students interested in tutoring (apply here) and one-on-one tutoring for those seeking assistance (if you need a tutor apply here). All tutors have succeeded in their courses and have demonstrated that they are good teachers and mentors.

For the academic year 2018-2019 the student leader of this program is Gil Horner.  If you have questions please refer them to Gil or Assistant Director Cynthia Gray.  

Those applying to be tutors need to fill out forms with Human Resources after they have been approved. Time sheets also need turned in on time. This year time sheets are due by 11:59 p.m. on the following dates: Sept. 3, Oct. 1, Oct. 29, Nov. 26, Dec. 17, Jan. 21, Feb. 18, Mar. 18, Apr. 15, and May 13 (no late pay sheets will be accepted after May 13th!). 

Those who have a tutor may be asked to evaluate their experience so that we may provide the best mentorship and tutoring program for students.