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Nursing is a diverse discipline, and as such programs and prerequisites vary widely. When planning your coursework, please make an appointment with the Office of Medical and Health Programs and bring a list of your top 10 schools to the appointment.

Nursing is a rewarding and growing field of study.  Students matriculating from a liberal arts institution like Sewanee can pursue several options for post-graduate nursing education.  Nursing schools offer a variety of nursing degrees from master’s level (MSN) to doctoral level (DNP or PhD).  These programs often have an accelerated path for students with BA or BS degrees to get their RN license and continue on toward their graduate degree (an example is Vanderbilt's Masters in Nursing (MSN) program).  The specific academic requirements vary by school, and you should check course prerequisites for each school to which you plan to apply. The Office of Medical and Health Programs is available to help you plan your schedule and to help find equivalent Sewanee coursework.

There are many pathways to becoming a nurse. Accelerated BSN and direct-entry MSN programs are both designed for individuals who already have a baccalaureate or graduate degree in a non-nursing field. If you are interested in a research career or advanced practice nursing, you should also consider earning a PhD or DNP.