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Pre-Health at Sewanee
2015 Initiates Sewanee's Chapter of
AED Medical Honors Society
Pre-Medical Clinical Shadowing and Biomedical Research Internship V-SURE


Sewanee has comprehensive pre-health advising for all students interested in going into the healthcare field.  For an individualized path through Sewanee's pre-health curriculum and to discuss enrichment opportunities to help you succeed in achieving your goals in the medical field, please contact the Director Alyssa Summers or Assistant Director Cynthia Gray. Additionally there is a pre-health informational session each August, designed as an orientation for new students interested in pre-health.  Another great way to stay connected with Sewanee's pre-health program is to read and pay attention to the weekly email remiders of events and read the monthly newsletter. Additionally, the screens in Spencer Commons will have current events and opportunites posted daily. 

For pre-medical students seeking a University committee letter for the application to medical school, please contact the Chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee, Rich Summers.  If you are a Junior or Senior student currently at Sewanee, your personal statement should be sent to the Chair in the first week of December.  These statements let the Chair know you intend to go through the required interview process in the spring.  The interview process for committee letters involves 4 interviews (with the Chair, two faculty members, and Alumnus physician).  To have your letter uploaded to AMCAS, you will need both your letter ID and AMCAS ID, both of which must be sent to the Chair. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks from this request to upload the finalized letter, thus plan accordingly.  It is recommended that you complete your AMCAS application by June 1st. 

Prior to setting up a meeting with the Office of Medical and Health Programs, please review the program page for your chosen field: