Medicine and the Liberal Arts

Sewanee has a very strong science program that will provide you with an excellent foundation in your prerequisites.  Since we are a liberal arts institution, you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge by including the humanities.  It is important that you not only understand the natural sciences, but that you also comprehend the human aspect.  Below are two lists: one of natural sciences courses that may be of special interest to pre-medical students and one of humanities courses that represent the intersection of medicine and the liberal arts.  Consider taking some of the humanities courses to bolster your understanding of the world and the human condition.

Natural Sciences Courses Relating to Medicine
We offer all of the prerequisites for medical school.  Below are some classes we chose to highlight because you may find them to be especially interesting:

Liberal Arts Courses Relating to Medicine
Pre-health coursework is not limited to biology, chemistry, and physics.  Broaden your perspective by taking some of these classes: