Health Professions Advising

Director: Prof. Alyssa Summers
The director primarily advises pre-medical (MD, DO, DPM) and pre-dental students. Please review the pre-medical or pre-dental program path before setting up a meeting with her.  She is always available for questions at In addition to her pre-health work and research, the director also teaches Molecular Revolutions in Medicine, Cancer Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Molecular Genetics, Epigenetics, Introduction to Medical Humanities, and Biological and Cultural Aspects of Diabetes. 

Assistant Director: Prof. Cynthia Gray
The assistant director primarily advises pre-nursing, pre-pharmacy, pre-veterinary, and pre-allied health students. Please review your program page (nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, and veterinary) before setting up a meeting with her. The assistant director offers academic advising for pre-health students during open office hours and by appointment. She is always happy to answer questions about our program. Email to ask a question or to make an appointment.  In addition to her pre-health duties, the assistant director teaches Principles of Human Nutrition, as well as Principles of Animal Nutrition and Metabolism.

Chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee: Prof. Rich Summers
The chair heads the HPA committee for pre-medical students who wish to obtain a committee letter. If you are a junior, senior, or recent graduate seeking a committee letter for medical school, please contact the chair at to begin the process. Personal statements should be sent to the chair in the first week of December. The chair also teaches Biochemistry, Mechanistic Biochemistry, and Advanced Biochemistry. 

Before Your Advising Meeting
Prior to setting up a meeting with the Office of Medical and Health Programs, please review the program page for your chosen field: