Medical School Update

September 4, 2016
Today, I received my student white coat to mark the beginning of a life-long journey and commitment to service in the field of medicine. I am blessed to have the opportunity to learn from the best teaching faculty in medicine and be a part of a unique new family at Quillen College of Medicine. All too often these moments are enjoyed and celebrated without stopping to remember and recognize the organizations and individuals who provided the lessons, tools, knowledge, wisdom, confidence, and attitude that allow me to chase these crazy goals and dreams. I have the privilege of being a medical student because my parents, my brothers, my family, my friends, my mentors, my teachers, my professors, my advisors, my coaches, and many others stood by me at some time in my life and kept pushing me forward -- you know who you are, and I cannot thank you enough for shaping me into who I am today and who I will become in the future.

Note: Jacob was involved with many programs on campus from being the Student Chief of the Sewanee Fire Department, doing Biomedical Research on T-Cell Development, to being the one of the leading experts on campus for Cross Fit, AED President, and many more that he will just have to fill you in on! 

Get involved, learn, and have fun! Pre-Health Motto! Go! 

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Programs of Study

Medicine in the Peruvian Amazon

October 3, 2018

Gil Horner, C’20 Hippocrates Fellow and Biehl Fellowship recipient, spent the summer in Peru investigating the intersection of ethnomedicine and biomedicine.

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