Sewanee-At-Yale Summer Internship

January 17, 2018

by Cody Bartz, C'18

The Sewanee-at- Yale internship was, by far, the most influential and successful summer of my life. Not only was the location phenomenal, but meeting new people and understanding how a more metropolitan area works was eye-opening. Going into the internship, I intended to gain more information and experience in psychiatry and research in mental health, due to my interest in becoming a medical doctor in psychiatry alongside research as a career path. Fortunately, I was placed in research involving emergency medicine and pediatric problemed alcohol and marijuana use. Though the area I was placed in was of great interest, I was hesitant on the amount of clinical experience I desired to obtain. Soon I found more interest in emergency medicine than I thought was possible. Not only did I enjoy the research in adolescent substance use, but I also gained numerous opportunities for clinical experience through shadowing physicians in the adult and pediatric emergency department and the pediatric primary care center. Seeing the fast pace of the physicians’ work and the amount of empathy needed to effectively obtain information shifted my career desires. Furthermore, the amount of connections I made with physicians in many areas of medicine caused me to further think about my decision of becoming a medical doctor.

Previously, my decisions regarding career options fluctuated between theater and the sciences. Through my time at Sewanee, I found that science is meant to be my focus and I thought of medical school as my challenge in order prove to myself. Through my experiences at Yale, I learned that I do not desire to be a medical practitioner simply for the challenge, but for the craving to assist in easing the emotional and physical pain felt not only by the patient, but by their loved-ones as well. This experience shifted my desire from become solely a psychiatrist to becoming a physician who can aid in so much more. As of now, I desire to become a trauma surgeon in a location that allows me to conduct research on adolescent substance use and mental health. Later on in life, I hope to complete a psychiatric residency and become a psychiatrist in order to give the resources to underprivileged areas that are not able to receive the mental health care they need. Yale taught me that being a pre-health student is not just about academia and experience, but having the ability to digest new information about the world and to see how you can help the most.

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