Carter Center Internships in Uganda

October 27, 2016

Amy Lee, C’16 and Henry Pipes, C’17 interned at The Carter Center in Uganda.  Their research focused onchocerciasis, a disease commonly known as river blindness. Onchocerciasis is transmitted to humans by blackflies carrying Onchocerca volvulus, a parasitic worm. 

A double major in Spanish and biology, Henry analyzed data detailing the incidence of river blindness and pre-existing treatment program outcomes. He also traveled throughout Uganda in an effort to improve health education and environmental conditions. One of his favorite parts of the internship was talking with community members and answering questions, while addressing the skeptics who resisted the idea of taking Ivermectin (the drug of choice for the treatment of river blindness). Read Henry’s story here.

Amy Lee, a recent graduate, spent much of her time working in rural communities, collecting data and performing health education. With the collaboration of community members, her team devised a questionnaire to investigate local perceptions of river blindness.  She analyzed the resulting questionnaire data, as well as qualitative data she gathered from community meetings. Amy’s work in Uganda opened her eyes to health care needs on a global scale.  Learn more about Amy’s experience here.

Programs of Study

Medicine in the Peruvian Amazon

October 3, 2018

Gil Horner, C’20 Hippocrates Fellow and Biehl Fellowship recipient, spent the summer in Peru investigating the intersection of ethnomedicine and biomedicine.

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