Hippocrates Fellows Travel to Yale, NYC & DC

The Class of 2020 Hippocrates Fellows cohort explored medicine throughout the northeastern United States last week. They visited medical schools, observed surgery, and attended the world’s largest global health and innovation conference.

Camp Autism Smiles

SMHS members spent the weekend volunteering at Camp Autism Smiles, a weekend camp for children with autism spectrum disorder and their families. 

SHPS Visits Vanderbilt

SHPS visited Vanderbilt University, where they met with faculty and staff from Vanderbilt's School of Medicine, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program, Medical Scientist Training Program, and Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy. 

Pre-Nursing Fellowship

Last week, the SHPS pre-nursing subgroup gathered at Stirling’s to enjoy coffee and fellowship. Seniors shared their knowledge of the nursing application process and experiential learning opportunities.

Medical Board Games Night

The latest OMHP fellowship event featured medically-related board games. Hilarity ensued as students acted out disease states, answered questions about organ structure and function, and enjoyed pizza and dessert. Look for our next Medical Board Games Night before finals!

Student Articles

Student societies SHPS and SMHS write about current topics in health care. SHPS Event Coordinator Heather Pittman, C'18, reports on recent research into poultry flu vaccines with the potential for decreasing the risk of transmission into humans, while SMHS Executive Assistant Sue-Yun Kim, C’19, teaches us about kidney stones.

Programs of Study

Medicine in the Peruvian Amazon

October 3, 2018

Gil Horner, C’20 Hippocrates Fellow and Biehl Fellowship recipient, spent the summer in Peru investigating the intersection of ethnomedicine and biomedicine.

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