Major in German and German Studies

The German and German Studies major offers students the opportunity to study the culture of the German-speaking countries through their language and literature. An important part of German literary and cultural studies is the exploration of German
history, art, film and society. By gaining a deeper and broader understanding of German culture students develop their linguistic proficiency culminating in a period of study in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, which is required for all majors.

Major in German and German Studies: The major in German and German Studies comprises nine full courses at the 300-level and above. Students begin with two core courses in section I, GRMN 321 and 322 that are required for the Major. The remaining courses are selected from sections II and III, based on the criteria listed in those sections. Up to three German Studies courses from Section III taught in English may count towards the Major. Up to three courses taken abroad may also qualify for the Major. The senior seminar GRMN 401 is the capstone course where a topic for the Senior Research Project is selected. The project normally consists of a substantial essay written in German. GRMN 401leads into the Comprehensive Exam followed by a one-hour oral examination in the Easter Semester.

  Advent Semester Easter Semester
First Year 203 321 or 322
Second Year 321 or 322 1 course: 3XX-4XX (300-349; 403-449)
Third Year

2 courses: 3XX-4XX (300-349; 403-449 or 
approved German Studies course)

2 courses: 3XX-4XX (300-349; 403-449 or
approved German Studies course)
Fourth Year 401 4XX (403-444) Comprehensive exams

Section I.

  • GRMN 321 Survey of German Culture and Literature I
  • GRMN 322 Survey of German Literature and Culture II
  • GRMN 401 Seminar in German and German Studies (or an approved substitution)

Section II. Three of the following courses conducted in German, at least one of which is above 400:

  • GRMN 309 Erich Kastner- A Weimar Author [name change submitted]
  • GRMN 310 The Fairy Tale in German Literature and Culture
  • GRMN 311 German Culture and Composition I
  • GRMN 312 German Culture and Composition II
  • GRMN 313 Contemporary Language and Usage
  • GRMN 314 Contemporary German Culture [name change submitted]
  • GRMN 315 Contemporary German Films
  • GRMN 321 Survey of German Literature
  • GRMN 322 Survey of German Literature
  • GRMN 324 Literature of Berlin
  • GRMN 332 Advanced Grammar and Stylistics
  • GRMN 360 Sewanee in Berlin
  • GRMN 405 German Romanticism
  • GRMN 407 19th-Century Literature
  • GRMN 408 20th-Century German Literature
  • GRMN 409 20th-Century German Literature
  • GRMN 422 German Drama
  • GRMN 427 East German Literature
  • GRMN 444 Independent Study

Section III.  Three additional courses chosen from those listed in section II or from the list below:

  • ANTH 303 Anthropology of Europe
  • ARTH 370 Art in Germany 1919-1933
  • GRMN 351 Masterpieces of German Literature in Translation
  • GRMN 353 German Film
  • GRMN 354 Modern German Civilization
  • GRMN 355 Once Upon a Time: The Literature and Culture of Fairy Tales
  • GRMN 356 The Nazi Period
  • HIST 209 Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 210 Early Modern Cities
  • HIST 218 Age of Enlightenment
  • HIST 309 Politics and Society in Europe 1815-1 Y14
  • HIST 311 Politics and Society in Europe after 1914
  • HIST 335 Monsters, Marvels, and Museums
  • PHIL 319 Nineteenth Century Philosophy