Watersheds and Wetlands at Sewanee

Watershed discussion with Laurie Fowler, Friday, Oct 28

Our next Domain Forum is coming up on October 28th at 4:30 PM at the Blue Chair (café side). Laurie Fowler, Professor and Executive Director for Public Service and External Affairs at the Odum School of Ecology, will be our presenter. Prof. Fowler will present on Watershed UGA and the potential for doing a similar project here at Sewanee, where she will be on sabbatical next fall.

Please come to participate in a discussion with CRE fellow and watershed expert, Laurie Fowler, on the 28th for a discussion that will surely help us think more broadly and specifically about the place we occupy and the watershed we live in.

 Visit the Constructed Wetlands, Saturday, Oct 29

If you have ever wondered what happens to the water you use, next weekend is the time to find out.  The Sewanee UGA wetland research group invites the community to come learn about the new constructed wetland on Saturday Oct 29 from 9-11 am. The event will begin at the Sewanee Utility District (SUD) office (150 Sherwood Rd) and a van will shuttle guests to the SUD wastewater treatment site where the wetland is located.  We will start serving coffee and breakfast snacks at 8:30 a.m.; drop by whenever you can before 11 a.m. The event will include a tour of the wetland and treatment lagoons, educational activities for elementary and middle school students, and tree-planting around the site.  We also need your ideas about future signage for the wetlands.

 Since June, effluent from the adjacent treatment lagoon at SUD has been flowing through the three experimental wetland basins. Goals of this research wetland include investigating wetland processes as a cost effective means of removing contaminants from wastewater effluent.  The wetland will also serve as a focal point for raising public awareness about water and wastewater issues. As the constructed wetland monitoring program continues, the Sewanee UGA research group will share results of water quality testing with the community on a project website (  For questions about the event, contact