Sewanee's Year of Water continues in China

Professors Scott Wilson and Deborah McGrath are currently leading a contingent of Sewanee students on a month-long tour of China. The highlight of the trip is a collaboration with Professor Xiao Lin of Nanjing University, and the Sewanee team is conducting water pollution research with students from Dr. Lin's laboratory. The group is sampling and analyzing river water as well as conducting a survey on citizens' perceptions of government water pollution control efforts. The Sewanee students include Alyssa Holley, Christine Xua, Anna Westmoreland, Wint Thu, Isabel Smith, Caroline Wright, and Jasmine Huang. All these students participated in research at Sewanee's Constructed Wetland before going on this trip. Sewanee alumnus Ning Tang, C'98, was instrumental in helping Professors Wilson and McGrath organize this effort; it is hoped additional collaborative research with personnel from Nanjing University will result.