Sewanee's Water Lecture Series

Sewanee's water lecture series continues on Wednesday, Sept. 20, with a talk by Dr. Billy Turner, the Director of the Center for Water Resource Economics at Troy University. Dr. Turner's talk is entitled "Restoring the Middle Chattahoochee River to Enhance Fish Passage (and Create an Urban Whitewater Paddling Mecca)." The talk will take place in Gailor Auditorium at 6 p.m.

Sewanee's Integrated Program in the Environment and Office of Environmental Stewardship are sponsoring this year-long lecture series to promote water quality and water conservation in our region. The theme for this series is "APIΣΤΟΝ ΜΕΝ ϒΔΩΡ" which translates to "Water is the Best Thing." This phrase is inscribed on the 7th-century Roman bath houses in Bath, England.