The Sewanee Environmental Institute celebrates its 10th year with high school students from across the nation

Sewanee's Environmental Institute is currently hosting 19 students from thirteen different states and the United Kingdom for two weeks of environmental activities. The students attend indoor and outdoor sessions with Sewanee professors and staff, and over a two week time span, the students are exposed to the breadth of environmental offerings on campus. Sessions include live trapping of small mammals and snapping turtles (part of an ongoing research project), exploring forest management projects, visiting Sewanee's constructed wetlands, going on night hikes while looking for frogs, caneoing on Lake Dimmick, conducting an archaeological dig, and drawing with Mary Priestley. The students also spent several mornings in the field with members of Sewanee's Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability. The counselors this year included four SEI graduates from past years (three of whom just graduated from Sewanee): Richardson Irvine (C'18), Melanie Baker (C'18), Brad Keegan (C'18), and Vanessa Moss (C'20). This was the tenth year for the SEI program, which is now directed by Dr. Ken Smith, the Assistant Dean of Sewanee's Environmental Programs.