Minor in Education

The minor in Education is a program for students who are interested in pursuing careers as pre-K through 12 teachers, school and guidance counselors and administrators. The minor does not lead to a teaching license.  Today, most formal study that leads to teaching licensure is at the Master’s level.  There are also some interesting residency programs which combine apprenticeships in classrooms with master’s degree programs at universities. Sewanee’s education minor provides excellent preparation for traditional and residency style programs. It is also an organized course of study for students interested in art, museum, community and environmental education, training in business and higher education.

The minor in education entails five full courses (20 hours).

Course Requirements: Two courses are required: Education 161: Introduction to Educational Psychology (four hours) and Education 341: Methods and Materials of Teaching (four hours).

Three elective courses (twelve hours) are also required. With advance approval by the Chair of Education, one course may be taken at another college or university.

Admission to the Minor

Students may apply for admission to the minor from the third through the middle of the eighth semester at Sewanee. The minor declaration form is available in the education and registrar’s offices. Students should contact the education program chair early in their academic careers so the program best suited to each student’s goals may be planned.