Course Selection Process


It's time to start thinking about courses ...

It's time to start thinking about the courses you might take in your first semester at Sewanee, and we've gathered everything you'll need here. From this site, you can search courses, learn about our General Education curriculum, read Frequently Asked Questions and reach out to our Academic Guides, the faculty members and advisors who will be navigating you through this process and building your schedules. 

The Course Selection process entails the following steps:

  1. Look through this website, learning about courses, our General Education curriculum and our Frequently Asked Questions. 
  2. Make note of twelve different courses you are interested in taking from the First Year Course Listings. 
    • (4) should be new and intriguing
    • (4) should be in areas you are confident and experienced in
    • (4) should be others that are of interest to you
  3. Complete all prompts and submit twelve courses on your Course Selection checklist item by June 28. 
  4. Academic Guides will build you a balanced schedule of four classes from the twelve you select. They will do so based on the preferences and interests you express on your Course Selection checklist item, and will also keep information in mind from your academic inventory, student life requests, athletics and more.
  5. In early August you will receive an email announcing that your schedule is ready to be viewed with instructions on how to access it. 

So, where should you begin? 

  1. Watch our video about “Finding Your Academic Passion” at Sewanee, and listen to some students talk about how they approached their coursework. 
  2. Read through the First-Year Course Listingswatch this tutorial and learn about all the courses available to you. 
  3. Read through our General Education Curriculum description 
  4. Check out our FAQ section for extra details.
  5. Complete and submit your Course Selection checklist item by June 28. 

If you have a question that we don’t answer in our materials, please ask the Guides—that’s why they’re here! For your reference, your academic guides are: