Major in Chemistry

Chemistry examines the composition, structure, properties, and transformation of matter, from which the material world is constituted. Topics examined range from atomic structure to the functioning of biomolecules and modern materials. 

Requirements for a major

  • Chemistry 120 or 150. Completion of this requirement is a prerequisite to all courses numbered 201 or higher.
  • Chemistry 201 and 202.
  • Chemistry 210, 308, 311, 352.
  • Chemistry 307 or 316.
  • Chemistry 301 and 401 (one-half course each).
  • One 400-level course beyond 401.
  • Mathematics 102. [Mathematics 207 is strongly recommended].
  • Physics 101, 102 or 103, 104

In order to receive honors in chemistry, a student must have a 3.00 or higher GPA in chemistry, take two advanced electives in chemistry at the 400 level, and complete a research project that the chemistry faculty considers worthy of honors. The research project may be done as part of a course (usually Chemistry 494), or it may be done in the context of a summer research program at this University or at another institution. The honors project must involve some original work. A formal written report and a seminar presentation on the research are required. Students must inform the department of their intention to seek honors no later than the middle of the first semester of their senior year. Please see the departmental web page for additional information about honors.