Professor Bachman Published in ACS Symposium Book

F. B. Williams Professor Robert Bachman wrote a chapter for the recent ACS Symposium Series (volume 1275) called Best Practices for Supporting and Expanding Undergraduate Research in Chemistry.  Bachman’s chapter called “Developing an Integrated Research-Teaching Model” is focused on his development of a research-intensive experience in his inorganic course, which already is designated as a writing-intensive course within the major.  The goal of this pedagogic approach has been to provide as many students as possible an authentic research experience and develop their scientific communication skills.  Student response via a national survey tool has suggested personal growth in a wide array of areas.  

This approach has not only aided the students’ educations; it has provided small initial results that have moved into Bachman’s ongoing collaborative student-faculty scholarship.  One project, focused on a novel metal-containing pharmaceutical, has even led to new collaborations with other faculty colleagues.  Stay tuned to hear more about that project….