Department Mission

The mission of the Chemistry Department at the University of the South is to create an active community of scholars that enables our students and faculty to maximize their ability as scientists and to advance their understanding of the chemical sciences, while grounding those abilities and knowledge in a framework that promotes responsible and ethical citizenship.

In order to carry out this mission, the Department will:

  • Maintain an active and vibrant scholarly culture of scientific inquiry that involves students in the discovery of new knowledge and its dissemination through both written and oral means. 
  • Offer a portfolio of courses that span the full breadth of the chemical sciences and highlight the interconnections both between the branches of chemistry and other fields of inquiry, both scientific and humanistic. 
  • Ensure that our teaching is grounded in the liberal arts tradition of deep inquiry, creative problem solving and critical thinking. 
  • Create an open and welcoming community of scholars that values and celebrates diversity in all its forms.
  • Encourage and celebrate scientific outreach into the greater community, on campus and beyond.

Chemistry examines the composition, structure, properties, and transformation of matter, from which the material world is constituted. Topics examined range from atomic structure to the functioning of biomolecules and modern materials. Refer to the links on the right sidebar under "Programs of Study" for more information about courses offered as well as options for major and minors.