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Matthew's Story

Matthew TomeI think the business minor helped in getting interviews. Since Sewanee does not have a traditional business program, I think the business minor helped to show potential employers that I took advantage of the opportunities Sewanee provided to strengthen my skills and that I was serious about a career in business. The business minor gave them tangible proof that I had been introduced to important business concepts.

I had business-related internships my past two summers at Sewanee, and I think these helped me immensely. They provided me with great work experience and valuable talking points when I went through the interview process. The Office of Career & Leadership Development provided the job-search opportunities on TigerNet, which were integral in landing these internships

Last summer I had the great opportunity to take classes at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business as a Beecken Scholar. My time at Tuck allowed me to further build on the foundation in business I had established at Sewanee, while also providing me the opportunity to take classes not available at Sewanee. I believe my Beecken Scholarship experience demonstrated to potential employers how serious I was about a career in business/finance and provided me with strong, tangible talking points in interviews.

I also participated in a variety of Babson Center and Career & Leadership Development events. I would say that Beyond the Gates played the biggest role in the job I ultimately landed because I was able meet and form a relationship with an alumnus who worked for the company. He became a great guide throughout the application and interview process. Without Beyond the Gates that likely would never have happened.

While Sewanee is a smaller school, the alumni base is extremely strong and helpful. They really want to help Sewanee students out in any way they can, and the Babson Center does a great job facilitating communication between students and alumni and helping students build relationships with alumni in business.

I would definitely recommend the business minor, 100 per cent. I think it is a great complement to any major a student chooses.