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Callum's Story

Callum WishartAs a junior, I participated in the annual Beyond the Gates program (an annual event staffed by alumni and parents from a variety of career fields and areas of the country, sponsored by the Office of Career & Leadership Development). If hadn’t attended this event, I would not have been exposed to commercial banking, and ergo, I would not have had an interest in the field in which I will be working.

In the summer between my junior and senior years, I had an accounting internship at EMJ Corporation in Chattanooga. I got this position because of the accounting classes and finance classes I had taken for the business minor.

This accounting internship in turn, helped me land my job with Bank of America. When the B of A recruiter called me about my résumé, the first thing she asked was about my summer internship. After I filled her in on that position, she told me this experience was what they were looking for in a potential employee.

When I went for my interview, I had to explain my knowledge and exposure to accounting despite my lack of an accounting major. My coursework here at Sewanee, due to the business minor, was the key to a successful interview. If I had majored in economics without the business minor, I know for a fact that I would not have been granted the opportunity to interview.

I don’t start work with B of A until July, but even before the job interview, I was asked to do a case study, a credit analysis on a company. I found this assignment very easy due to the nature of our financial accounting coursework and the assignments we were given.

I had been trained on the Bloomberg terminals at Sewanee, so I used Bloomberg to gather information on the company. The interviewers asked where I had found the information I used for the analysis, and they were impressed that I had formulated the opinion of my assigned company through my exposure to Bloomberg and not just web-based sources.