Real Work Experience

As a part of the University’s pledge, the University of the South is able to help all students prepare for their post collegiate career by providing funding for a summer internship or research opportunity.  Internships may be in the U.S. or abroad across hundreds of different industries and businesses.

Business-related events include the Smith Career Days, funded by Joel Smith III (C ’67), which provide students the opportunity to attend career exploration events that connect them with employment and internship opportunities in the financial services sector. Sewanee offers a wide range of internships through their Career & Leadership Development office. Because Sewanee students can apply for funding for unpaid internships, sponsoring institutions can hire interns at no cost because Sewanee pays the stipend, thereby giving our students an advantage over applicants from other colleges. 

In addition to summer internship opportunities, Carey Fellows spend one semester in an off-campus, paid internship, facilitated by the director of the Babson Center for Global Commerce. These companies have recently provided internships that offer Carey Fellows real on-the-job learning and valuable networking experiences. 

Support for career and leadership development

The University’s Career & Leadership Development office provides students and alumni with a full range of support for career exploration and development, as well as professional networking.

Social Entrepreneurship Education Program

Want to change the world? Good intentions aren’t enough.

The SEED Program immerses you in the practice of social entrepreneurship that opens the way to making a global difference.

SEED, an intensive 8-week immersion program that has three components:

  1. The summer study abroad program in Bangladesh and India for two course credits, one on Microfinance Institutions in South Asia and another from the fields of economics, political science, or anthropology
  2. A four-week internship at a finance/microfinance institution in the United States, Latin America, Asia, or Europe
  3. A week of intensive pre-business training at Sewanee in finance, accounting, and entrepreneurship

The SEED program, open to all majors, provides knowledge, skills, experience, and professional networks to help build careers in community finance, microfinance, socially responsible businesses, or the private sector. Successful participants are awarded an M.A.E. (Microfinance and Entrepreneurship) certificate.

Students have engaged in internships at thirteen organizations in eight countries, including Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain, Germany, and the United States. 

Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and founder of Grameen Bank, has visited Sewanee twice and was awarded an honorary degree from the University in 1998. A visit to the Grameen bank’s headquarters  in Bangladesh and an exclusive, extended meeting with Dr. Yunus are highlights of the summer study abroad component of the SEED program.

Dr. Yasmeen Mohiuddin is the Director of the Social Entrepreneurship Education (SEED) Program.

For students who are interested in co-curricular opportunities in social entrepreneurship, the Babson Center mentors the Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Club on campus and provides scholarships to attend the Sullivan Foundation IGNITE Retreats  each Fall and Spring.