Scholarships & Internships

Learning through Doing

Through internship endowments, the University of the South is able to pay students to work for an organization of their choosing in a summer internship. These internships allow students to participate in, and observe firsthand, the methods by which businesses conduct their affairs in a free-market economy. Internships may be in the U.S. or abroad. Every summer, Sewanee students serve internships at financial institutions including banks and investment firms, consulting agencies, and large and small companies in other industries.

Business-related events include:

  • The Smith Internships and Career Days, funded by Joel Smith III (C ’67), provide students the opportunity to attend career exploration events that connect them with employment and internship opportunities in the financial services sector.
  • ACE Internships: Internship opportunities in any field.
  • Biehl International Research Internship Fund: Self-directed social science research internships conducted outside of the United States.
  • Business and Economic Internship Fund: Opportunities for business and economic experiences.
  • Canale Internship Fund for Community Service and Leadership: Community service internships that benefit the greater Sewanee community.
  • Tonya Public Affairs Internship Fund: Student-developed internships that enable students to contribute to the formation, adoption, or implementation of a public policy or program.

Social Entrepreneurship: A business-like approach to social activism at Sewanee

An intensive 8-week social entrepreneurship immersion program combines study abroad, a four-week internship, and intensive business skills training.

Support for Career-Building

The University’s Office of Career & Leadership Development provides students and alumni with a full range of support for career advancement and professional networking.

Beecken Bridge Scholarships

The Beecken Scholarships, administered by the Babson Center for Global Commerce, provide from 50 to 100 percent of program costs for Sewanee students to attend approved summer bridge programs at some of the top business schools in the country to acquire specific business-related skills.

Business Skills Training

Learn the secrets of business success—from the way to write a winning résumé to how to find your way around a complex spreadsheet.