Where Sewanee Means Business

At Sewanee, we believe that the best preparation for a career in business is a broad-based liberal arts education. Many of today’s leaders in commerce attribute their success to the critical thinking skills, writing and speaking skills, and study of the human experience that are the core of the liberal arts tradition.

An important part of human experience is the world of business and commerce: The Babson Center for Global Commerce is where the University and the business world come together to assist students in preparing for successful careers as business leaders.

The Center’s array of co-curricular programs, integrated with the Wm. Polk Carey Pre-Business Program and Sewanee’s interdisciplinary business minor, provide Sewanee students a wealth of business-related opportunities, including:

The Center integrates its programs with the Office of Career & Leadership Development and Sewanee’s extensive alumni network to mentor students during their undergraduate years and to assist them in achieving their goals after graduation. 

For information about the staff at the Babson Center, follow this link.