Faculty & Staff

David Shipps

Director, Babson Center for Global Commerce
Babson Center for Global Commerce / ext. 1763

Gwendolyn Whitfield

Assistant Dean for Business Education
Cleveland Annex 4 / ext. 1822

Douglas J. Drinen

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Woods Lab 127 / ext. 3370

Serkan Karadas

Assistant Professor of Economics
Cleveland Annex 6 / ext. 1211

Andrew P. Moser

Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Carnegie 203C / ext. 3350

E. Douglas Williams

Frank W. Wilson Professor of Economics; Treasurer
Business Services building / ext. 1349

Lucia K. Dale

Professor of Computer Science
Woods Lab 130 / ext. 1814

Linda Lankewicz

Professor of Computer Science Emerita
Professor Emerita

Marc St-Pierre (On leave Fall 2018)

Associate Professor of Economics
Carnegie 101/ ext. 3323

Yasmeen Mohiuddin

Ralph Owen Distinguished Professor of Economics
Cleveland Annex 103A / ext. 1462

Scott Torreano

Professor of Forestry
Snowden 205 / ext. 1271

Andrea Mansker

Professor of History and Chair, Women's and Gender Studies
Walsh-Ellett 203 / ext. 1861

Scott Howard Wilson

Professor and Associate Dean for Global Education
Carnegie 106 / ext. 1173

Karen Yu

Professor of Psychology
Woods Lab 321 / ext. 1920

Jordan D. Troisi

Associate Professor of Psychology and Center for Teaching Co-Director
Woods Lab 306 / ext. 1382

Karen Proctor

Brown Foundation Fellow
Office of the Dean of the College

Stacey O'Sullivan

Program Coordinator, Babson Center for Global Commerce
Babson Center for Global Commerce/ ext. 1921