Faculty & Staff

Laura Nüffer

Visiting Assistant Professor of Japanese
B.A., Bryn Mawr College; B.A. & Ph.D, University of Pennsylvania
Laura Nüffer holds a PhD in East Asian Languages and Civilizations from the University of Pennsylvania. Her present research explores conceptions of the animal/human boundary in medieval and early modern Japanese literature. In particular, she is concerned with tales of interspecies marriage (irui kon'in tan); her analysis of these works is highly interdisciplinary, drawing on such fields as gender studies, animal studies, folklore studies, and art history. Dr. Nüffer also has a lively interest in modern Japanese popular culture, particularly anime and manga and their associated fan cultures. She has contributed translations to the anthology Monsters, Animals, and Other Worlds: A Collection of Short Medieval Japanese Fiction, forthcoming from Columbia University Press. Currently, she is working on a book manuscript examining the ways in which fiction about animals conditioned interactions with flesh-and-blood animals in medieval and early modern Japan.