Sewanee's Asian Studies Program came into existence in the year 2000, so we have only graduated a few Asian Studies majors and minors. Here are a few examples of our past students and what they are up to. 

Clay Nichol, '04 (Asian Studies major) came to Sewanee interested in Asia and Chinese philosophy. While at Sewanee, he earned the Clayton Burwell Prize for excellence in Asian Studies and was awarded honors in Asian Studies. His senior research project was a study of the politics of poster art in the 20th century China. Clay is continuing his study of Chinese language and culture in Beijing, where he studied abroad as a junior. Next, he hopes to move on to graduate school. 

Lo Somel, '04 (Third World Studies major and Asian Studies minor) focused on Latin America for her Third World Studies major, but she developed a strong interest in Asia late in her time at Sewanee. Before graduating, she took many courses on Asia and studied abroad in Vietnam on a CET program. While in Vietnam, she volunteered at a children's homeless shelter. Lo joined the Peace Corps and worked in Morocco where she learned about Berber culture and the status of women. She currently lives in Washington, D.C.

Ryan Collins, '02 (Asian Studies major) was our first Asian Studies major and was drawn to the study of Japanese. Ryan studied abroad in Japan, and took many courses on Asian politics and culture. He just completed an M.A. degree in Asian Studies at Washington University in St. Louis, and has moved on to Law School. He intends to work in the area of Asian business law after he completes his studies.