The Place You Will Wait for the Rest of Your Life

The place you will wait for the rest of your life

The Place You Will Wait for the Rest of Your Life is an exhibition that combines Greg Pond’s previous work with a documentary project he has undertaken over the last 9 months. Since January 2014 Pond has been working with photographer Amy Johnson on an ongoing documentary project about the community of Patten Towers, a Section 8 housing facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The project follows several residents, developing unique works in collaboration with each person. One of the residents is man named Crazy Horse, who possesses a remarkable creative brilliance. This exhibition involves Pond’s sculpture sound and video work, Crazy Horse’s writing and collages, and photography made in collaboration Amy Johnson. Pond has made sculptures, video, and sound that extrapolate upon his views of working on the documentary that meld with his own individual heuristic practice. The collection of works circulates around notions of how each of us psychologically locate ourselves within our surroundings and the resultant desires that develop from this sense of place. 

Pond’s multimedia practice combines sculpture, sound, electronic media and documentary filmmaking. With unexpected combinations of media, collisions of natural and technological materials, and recombined myths, histories and forms, Pond explores cultural attitudes towards landscape and the built environment, and the pursuit and loss 
of utopia.

The Place You Will Wait for the Rest of Your Life, by Greg Pond, is on view at:

Seed Space

Opening Reception, Saturday, November 1, 7-9 pm. The exhibition will run through December 31, 2014

Track One building

1201 4th Ave South, Nashville TN 37210 
(615) 293-2413

Gallery Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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