Exploring Egypt: Sewanee Professors Greg Pond (Art and Art History) and Sara Nimis (Arabic and Islam), plan a trip to Egypt during spring break 2016.


Traces of the ancient civilization of Egypt, including some of the
world's most recognized monuments, such as the Giza pyramid complex
and its Great Sphinx have long drawn visitors from around the world.
Today, Egyptian urban centers act as pivotal spaces for the unfolding
of key tensions in the Middle East, between economic and social
change, the resurgence of religious thought and symbols in the public
sphere, and the struggle for political representation. Students
traveling with Professors Pond and Nimis will experience
firsthand the way that artists, activists and thinkers inside and
outside Egypt have worked to represent these tensions and their
location in Egypt.

The group will explore Cairo and surrounding areas, guided by Egyptians
artists, architects, intellectuals, and media activists.

contact Profesor Greg Pond for more information.