Dr. Gregory Clark delivers presentation at Harvard University

Dr. Gregory Clark recently presented his research at the Department of the History of Art and Architecture at Harvard University in conjunction with the upcoming release of his book  Art in a Time of War: The Master of Morgan 453 and Manuscript Illumination in Paris during the English Occupation: 1419-1435. (Forthcoming Spring 2014).  The presentation was titled "Beyond Use: A Digital Tool for the Analysis of Late Medieval Manuscript Books of Hours."  The study of medieval paintings on wooden panel has been revolutionized by dendrochronological analysis of the supports themselves. The highly objective results have sometimes upheld, and at other times upended, the dating of the panels on connoisseurial and other more traditional analytical grounds. While the vellum supports of most late medieval illuminated manuscripts have not yet been subjected to a like scientific analysis, those books do enjoy a context – the accompanying texts – that can be analyzed objectively. The topic of Dr. Clark's presentation was a previously unpublished database of textual variants first developed in the 1970s by John Plummer of Princeton University and the Morgan Library to localize and date late medieval manuscript Books of Hours.  Plummer's data up to 1981 and all of Dr. Clark's data have just been digitized for inclusion as a CD-ROM with Dr. Clark's forthcoming book.