Slab City Bulletin Board + Tri-X-Noise, two exhibitions by multimedia artist Bill Daniel

Bill Daniel exhibition

The Carlos Gallery in the Nabit Art Building at University of the South is
pleased to present Slab City Bulletin Board + Tri-X-Noise, two
exhibitions by multimedia artist Bill Daniel.

Known for his work as an experimental documentary film artist,
cinematographer, photographer and curator, Bill Daniel brings two
installations to Sewanee’s Carlos Art Gallery: Slab City Bulletin
Board and Tri-X-Noise. Texas-born, San Francisco exiled, and confirmed
tramp, Bill Daniel continues to experiment with survivalism and
bricolage in his attempts to record and report on the various social
margins he finds himself in.

Slab City Bulletin Board is a photo-based, static, 3-D installation
that provides a site, context, and "deployment metaphor" for a
photography collage. Loosely inspired by the actual bulletin board at
an off-grid outlaw RV encampment in California's Imperial Valley, the
gallery installation works in the same way--- a low-tech, paper-based
nexus of free community information sharing, and as a meeting place,
sounding board, art gallery, and a snapshot of local chatter. It
conveys utilitarian information--- buying, selling, trading, but also
gives voice to those with ideas and rants that are less quotidian,
like the announcement dates of rapture, punk shows, and insurrections.
The awning structure that shelters the bulletin board are re-purposed
vinyl banners printed with photographs of abandoned gas stations from
the Permian Basin area of west Texas. The collage is made of
photographs and of photographic re-prints of found paper ephemera. In
this way, through direct contact printing and using xerographic
intermediaries, Daniel re-materialized these found scraps into "art
objects"--- gelatin silver prints, the same photographic material that
his own imagery is produced on, creating a fluid mix of found and made

Tri-X-Noise, a collection of black and white photographs, is a
non-stop road trip across 34 years of counter-cultural participation,
documentation and DIY dissemination. Beginning with the emerging
skate/punk scene in Texas, through adventures of freight trains
searching for mysterious boxcar artists, prowling the alley of early
90s San Francisco documenting graffiti that would later be called the
“Mission School,’ and through two decades of travel and touring,
documenting countless underground/DIY events, art shows, and the
still-weird America that is known to those who heed the message “It is
OK to turn off the computer,” this project represents a hybrid of
documentary and personal photograph this is evidence that countless
counter culture scenes are still happening, even if fleeting and
marginal, and invisible the normal. Through flash-lit, widely exposed,
and hand-printed photographs, Tri-X-Noise makes this underworld

Daniel's work has received awards from Creative Capital, Film Arts
Foundation, The Pioneer Fund, Texas Filmmaker Production Fund, the R &
B Feder Charitable Foundation, and The Western States Media Alliance.
He was a Wattis Foundation artist-in-residence at the Yerba Buena
Center for the Arts, where his installation "Souls Harbor" was
exhibited in Dec. In 1999 he was in-residence at The Headlands Center
for the Arts where he produced several multi-projection 16mm film
installations, including "Trespassing Sign" in collaboration with the
late Margaret Kilgallen. In 2001 his hobo campfire installation "The
Girl on the Train in the Moon" was included in "Widely Unknown" at
Deitch Projects in New York. A veteran of the touring circuit, Daniel
has programmed, booked and exhibited several mobile art shows. In
1997-98 he curated a weekly screening series, Funhouse Cinema, in
Austin, that also weekly screened in Houston and San Antonio. Daniel
is also recognized for his work as cinematographer and editor for
filmmaker Craig Baldwin. Daniel was awarded a John Simon Guggenheim
Fellowship in 2008. He has exhibited film, photography and
installation work at The Museum of Modern Art, New York; The New
Museum, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Walker Arts
Center, Minneapolis; Deitch Projects, New York and several hundred
others. Currently based on the Texas gulf coast, Daniel divides his
time between Texas and touring.

Daniel’s gallery talk will be followed with a musical performance by
the three-piece rock band Wray, from Birmingham, Alabama. Wray isn’t
afraid to revel in repetition, churning (like butter) confident,
seamless grooves firmly in the tradition of NEU!, Faust, or Can. Their
shimmering, headphone-ready tones owe much to Slowdive, My Bloody
Valentine, and even The Cure, but without the crippling
self-absorption of chillwave or dreampop.

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