Sara Nimis publishes article

Muraqqa front cover

Sara Nimis's article, "Sainthood and the Law: The Influence of Mysticism in Eighteenth Century Pedagogy of the fuqahā"has been published in the Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies Volume 14 (2014).

Using certificates of scholarly achievement (ijāzāt), it is argued that ideas and practices usually associated with Islamic mysticism (taṣawwuf) were widespread among the religious elite in eighteenth century Egypt. Writings about Sufism were a common part of the curriculum of scholars of the law and individuals revered as saints feature prominently in chains of transmission of authority in subjects such as ḥadīth and fiqh. Most importantly, pedagogical practices common to religious scholars of this period reflect epistemological elements that cut across philosophical works and ritual traditions that come out of Islam’s mystical tradition.

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