The following courses are recommended as electives. Other classes, not included in the list below, may be counted toward the major with the approval of the program director. Students majoring in American Studies should consult their advisor in designing their program of study and selecting the appropriate electives.

American Studies:
150: Introduction to Africana and African American Studies
332: Twentieth-Century American Culture (also History 332)

301: American Culture
302: Southern Cultures
307: Archaeology of Southeastern United States
411: Research Seminar: Campus Life and Academic Culture

Art History:
212: American Animation, 1910-1960 
340: American Art

Asian Studies:
110: Asian American Experience

375: African American and Latino Education

330: The Life and Literature of Tennessee Williams
379: The American Novel
380: Whitman and Dickinson
391: Modern American Poetry
392: Modern American Fiction
393: Faulkner
394: Literature of the American South
395: African American Literature
396: American Environmental Literature
397: Contemporary American Fiction
398: Contemporary American Poetry

203: Criminal or Hero? The Outlaw in American Culture
204: Wealth in America from the Colonial Period to the Present
226: Politics and Society in Contemporary America
227, 228: Intellectual and Cultural History of the United States I and II
229: The Many Faces of Sewanee
231: African American History to 1865
232: African American History since 1865
233: Race and Sexuality in U.S. History since 1800
237: Women in U.S. History, 1600-1870
238: Women in U.S. History, 1870 to the Present
316: The African American Church in Slavery and Freedom
317: African American Intellectual History
318: African American Women and Religion
322: Southern Lives
324: Colonial and Imperial Warfare in North America and Southern Africa
325: Revolutionary America
327: The Old South
329: The New South
332: Twentieth-Century American Culture
330: History of Southern Appalachia
334: Mass Culture and Popular Amusements in the United States, 1870-1945
336. Hours of Crisis in U.S. History 
339: The Making of Modern America, 1877-1920
347: The American Civil Rights Movement
393: America's Civil War
394: Reconstructing the South
493: The Civil War and American Historical Memory

223: American Music

311: American Philosophy

107: Critical Issues in American Politics
203: The Presidency
204: Legislative Process
205: The Judicial Process
304: American Political Thought
308: Public Policy
322: United States Foreign Policy
331: Introduction to Constitutional Law
332: Contemporary Constitutional Law
338: Constitutional Law: Civil Rights
343: Visions of Constitutional Order
344: Myth America
373: African American Political Thought
390: The United Nations

343: Popular Culture and Religion in America
391: Southern Religion
393: Rural Religion

311: U.S. Public Address I 
312: U.S. Public Address II

308: U.S. Latino and Latina Literature and Culture

Women’s and Gender Studies
100: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies