Office of Global Citizenship

Semester & Academic Year Programs

In the last few years Sewanee students have studied in 64 countries for semester-long programs (that is, not counting summer study abroad).  These are:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, China, Costa Rico, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, England, Equatorial Guinea, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Hungary, Jordan, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgzstan, Lakota Nation, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Namibia, Netherlands, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Senegal, Scotland, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

A student wishing to go on summer study abroad and who does not choose from among the above-mentioned programs must choose a program run by one of the program providers listed in the approved programs list for the semester (below). If the program provider is listed but not the specific location of interest, the student should consult Dean Jones to see if the program can be approved.


Approved Third-Party Programs (A-D)

Academic Programs Abroad
Note: The Sewanee Semester in France (Advent semester) represents a partnership between APA & Sewanee. In Easter semester, Sewanee students may participate in APA directly. 


France: Paris Advanced Program
France: Paris Intermediate Program

Arcadia University - College of Global Studies


Chile: Valparaíso - Arcadia in Chile


Greece: Athens - Arcadia in Greece (Hellenic Studies, Mediterranean, and Baltic Studies)


Italy: Florence - Accademia Italiana (Hybrid Option)
Italy: Perugia - Umbra Institute (Hybrid Option)
Italy: Rome - Arcadia in Rome


Scotland: Edinburgh - Scottish Parliamentary Program

South Africa

South Africa: University of Cape Town (Hybrid Option)

*See also Direct Enrollment*

Bard Abroad


Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek: American University of Central Asia (AUCA - Bard Study Abroad Program)


Russia: St. Petersburg - The Bard-Smolny Program

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics


Hungary, Budapest: Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

Calvin College


Ghana: Semester in Ghana

Carleton-Antioch Global Engagement Programs


India: Buddhist Studies in India



China: Beijing - Internship
China: Beijing -  Intensive Language
China: Harbin
China: Shanghai

Czech Republic

Czech Republic: Prague - Central European Studies in Prague
Czech Republic: Prague - Jewish Studies in Prague


Czech Republic

Czech Republic: Prague - Central European Studies in Prague
Czech Republic: Prague - Film Studies in Prague


Hungary: Budapest - Central European Studies in Budapest


Russia: St. Petersburg - Russian Language
Russia: St. Petersburg - Russian Area Studies

College Year in Athens (CYA)


Greece: Athens

DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia


Denmark: Copenhagen - Biomedicine
Denmark: Copenhagen - Child Development and Diversity
Denmark: Copenhagen - Environmental Science of the Arctic
Denmark: Copenhagen - European Humanities
Denmark: Copenhagen - European Politics
Denmark: Copenhagen - Global Economics
Denmark: Copenhagen - International Business
Denmark: Copenhagen - Justice and Human Rights
Denmark: Copenhagen - Medical Practice and Policy
Denmark: Copenhagen - Neuroscience
Denmark: Copenhagen - Prostitution & the Sex Trade
Denmark: Copenhagen - Psychology
Denmark: Copenhagen - Public Health
Denmark: Copenhagen - Sociology
Denmark: Copenhagen - Sustainability
Denmark: Copenhagen - Urban Studies


Sweden: Stockholm - Gender & Sexuality Studies 
Sweden: Stockholm - Medical Practice & Policy
Sweden: Stockholm - Psychology

Approved Third-Party Direct Enrollment

*Please note: Some universities may be offered through multiple providers (Arcadia, IES, IFSA).

Argentina: Universidad Católica Argentina (Argentine Universities Program) - IFSA
Argentina: Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentine Universities Program) - IFSA
Argentina: Universidad del Salvador (Argentine Universities Program) - IFSA
Argentina: Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (Argentine Universities Program) - IFSA
Argentina: Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Mendoza Universities Program) - IFSA
Argentina: Universidad de Congreso (Mendoza Universities Program) - IFSA

Chile: Santiago - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Chilean Universities Program) - IFSA
Chile: Santiago - Universidad de Chile (Chilean Universities Program) - IFSA
Chile: Santiago - Universidad Diego Portales (Chilean Universities Program) - IFSA
Chile: Valparaiso - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (Chilean Universities Program) - IFSA
Chile: Valparaiso - Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (Chilean Universities Program) - IFSA

Costa Rica 
Costa Rica: Universidad Nacional - IFSA

Cuba Havana: Universidad de La Habana - IFSA

Cuba: Havana - University of Havana- Arcadia

Ireland: Ballyvaughn - Burren College of Art - Arcadia
Ireland: Ballyvaughn - Burren College of Art - IFSA
Ireland: Corcaigh - University College Cork - Arcadia
Ireland: Corcaigh - University College Cork - IFSA
Ireland: Dublin - Dublin City University - IES
Ireland: Dublin - Dublin Parliamentary Internship - Arcadia
Ireland: Dublin - Nathional Theatre School of Ireland - Gaiety School of Acting - IES
Ireland: Dublin - Trinity College in Dublin - Arcadia
Ireland: Dublin - Trinity College in Dublin - IES
Ireland: Dublin - Trinity College in Dublin - IFSA
Ireland: Dublin - University College Dublin - Arcadia
Ireland: Dublin - University College Dublin - IFSA
Ireland: Galway - National University of Ireland, Galway - Arcadia
Ireland: Galway - National University of Ireland, Galway - IFSA
Ireland: Limerick - University of Limerick - Arcadia
Ireland: Limerick - University of Limerick - IFSA
Ireland: Maynooth - Maynooth University - Arcadia
Ireland: Maynooth - Maynooth University - IFSA

Italy: Perugia - Università degli Studi di Perugia - Arcadia

Japan: Osaka - Kansai Gaidai
Japan: Keio University
Japan: Kyoto - Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS)
Japan: Fukuoka - Kyushu University
Japan: Nagoya - Nanzan University - IES

Approved Third-Party Programs (E-I)

European Studies

European Studies -for Sewanee students; transcripted by Sewanee 

Hollins University: Paris


France: Paris

Institute of American Universities


France: Aix-en-Provence - The School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies


Italy: Rome

IES Abroad


Argentina: Buenos Aires - Advanced Spanish Immersion
Argentina: Buenos Aires - Latin American Societies & Cultures


Australia: Sydney - Macquarie University
Australia: Sydney - University of New South Wales

Australia: Sydney - University of Sydney


Austria: Vienna  - European Society & Culture
Austria: Vienna - Music


Chile: Santiago - Health Studies
Chile: Santiago - Politics, Social Justice, & Language


China: Shanghai - Economy, Business & Society
China: Shanghai - Engineering


Ecuador: Galapagos Islands - Galápagos Academic Institute for the Arts and Sciences (GAIAS)
Ecuador: Quito - Area Studies & Language
Ecuador: Quito - Universidad San Francisco de Quito (DE)


England: London & Oxford - Health Practice and Policy
England: London - Study London
England: London - Theater Studies
England: London Direct Enrollment - City, University of London
England: London Direct Enrollment - Courtauld Institute of Art
England: London Direct Enrollment - Queen Mary, University of London
England: London Direct Enrollment - Slade School of Fine Art
England: London Direct Enrollment - SOAS, University of London
England: London Direct Enrollment - University College London
England: Oxford Direct Enrollment - St. Catherine's College


France: Nantes - French Language Immersion & Area Studies
France: Nice - Business, Sustainability & Immigration
France: Nice Direct Enrollment - SKEMA Business School
France: Nice Direct Enrollment – Université Nice Sophia Antipolis
France: Paris - Business & International Affairs 
France: Paris - French Studies
France: Paris - Studio Art, Dance & Music


Germany: Berlin - Securities Studies & International Affairs (additional authorization is required)
Germany: Berlin - Language & Area Studies
Germany: Berlin - Metropolitan Studies
Germany: Freiburg - Environmental Studies and Sustainability
Germany: Freiburg - European Union
Germany: Freiburg - Language & Area Studies


Ireland: Dublin - Business, Entrepreneurship, & Technology
Ireland: Dublin - Irish Studies
Ireland: Dublin - Writer's Program
Ireland: Dublin - Dublin City University (DE)
Ireland: Dublin - National Theatre School of Ireland-Gaiety School of Acting (DE)
Ireland: Dublin - Trinity College Dublin (DE)


Italy: Milan - Business Studies
Italy: Milan - Italy Today
Italy: Milan - Music: Tradition & Innovation
Italy: Rome - Art History & Fashion
Italy: Rome - Early Childhood Education
Italy: Rome - Film & Media Studies
Italy: Rome - History & Classics
Italy: Rome - International Relations
Italy: Rome - Language & Area Studies
Italy: Rome - Sociology & Religion
Italy: Siena - Business & Economics of Italian Food & Wine (additional authorization is required)
Italy: Siena - Study in Tuscany


Japan: Nagoya - Nanzan University (DE)
Japan: Tokyo - Language & Culture


Morocco: Rabat - Study in Rabat

The Netherlands

The Netherlands: Amsterdam - Business & Economics
The Netherlands: Amsterdam - Law & Criminology

The Netherlands: Amsterdam - Psychology & Sciences
The Netherlands: Amsterdam - Social Sciences & Humanities / Study Amsterdam
The Netherlands: Amsterdam - Conservatorium van Amsterdam (DE)
The Netherlands: Amsterdam - Gerrit Rietveld Academie (DE)

New Zealand

New Zealand: Auckland - University of Auckland (DE)
New Zealand: Christchurch - University of Canterbury (DE)

South Africa

South Africa: Cape Town - Health, Culture, & Development
South Africa: Cape Town - University of Cape Town


Spain: Barcelona - Arts & Culture
Spain: Barcelona - Liberal Arts & Business
Spain: Barcelona - Political Science & International Relations
Spain: Granada - Study in Granada
Spain: Madrid - Engineering, Architecture & Science
Spain: Madrid - Language & Area Studies
Spain: Salamanca - Advanced Spanish Immersion / Study in Salamanca
Spain: Salamanca - Psychology

IFSA - Butler University


Mexico: Language and Cultural Studies in the Yucatán
Mexico: Medical Spanish and Public Health in the Yucatán
*See also Direct Enrollment*

Inter-University Center for Japanese Language

Inter-University Center for Japanese Language

IPSL Study Abroad + Service Learning


Cambodia & Thailand: Comparative Studies in Southeast Asia


Colombia: Medellin


Ecuador: Guayaquil - Animal Rights & Corporate Social Responsibility


France: Montpellier - French Language & Culture and Euromediterranean Studies


Greece: Thessaloniki - Greek History & Culture and Micro-Enterprise


Ireland: Dublin - Art Design & Technology


Italy: Siena - Italian Language & Development Studies


Peru: Cusco - Indigenous Peoples & Global Health


Tanzania: Arusha - Global Health & Human Rights


Thailand: Chiang Mai - Government, Politics, and Buddhist Philosophy


Vietnam: Hanoi - Environmental Science & Sustainable Development

Approved Third-Party Programs (J-O)



England: London

Middlebury - CMRS


England: Oxford

Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad


Argentina: School in Argentina (multiple universities)


Brazil: School in Brazil (multiple universities)


Cameroon: School in Cameroon


Chile: School in Chile (multiple universities)


China: Beijing
China: Hangzhou
China: Kunming


Germany: School in Germany (multiple universities)


India: School in India (multiple universities)


Israel: School in Israel (Suspended for 18-19 academic year)


Italy: School in Italy (multiple universities)


Japan: School in Japan


Russia: School in Russia (multiple universities)


Uruguay: School in Uruguay (multiple universities)


Approved Third-Party Programs (S-Z)

School for International Training (SIT)

International Honors Program

IHP: Cities in the 21st Century: People, Planning, and Politics (Fall 2) (Argentina, South Africa, Spain)
IHP: Cities in the 21st Century: People, Planning, and Politics (Spring) (Brazil, India, South Africa)
IHP: Climate Change: The Politics of Food, Water, and Energy (Vietnam, Morocco, Bolivia)
IHP: Health and Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care (Fall 1) (Brazil, India, South Africa)

IHP: Health and Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care (Fall 2) (Argentina, South Africa, Vietnam)
IHP: Health and Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care (Spring 1) (India, South Africa, Brazil)
IHP: Health and Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care (Spring 2) (Vietnam, South Africa, Argentina)
IHP: Human Rights: Foundations, Challenges, and Advocacy (Nepal, Jordan, Chile)
IHP: Human Rights: Movements, Power, and Resistenace
IHP: New African Diasporas: Transnational Communities, Cultures, and Economies (Italy, Senegal)
IHP: Rethinking Food Security: People, Agriculture, and Politics (Ecuador, Italy, Malawi)
IHP: Social Innovation: Entrepreneurship, Design, and Development (Brazil, India, Uganda)


Argentina: Buenos Aires - Public Health in Urban Environments 
Argentina: Buenos Aires - Social Movements and Human Rights 
Argentina: Buenos Aires - Transnationalism and Comparative Development in South America


Australia: Byron Bay - Sustainability and Environmental Action
Australia: Cairns - Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology


Bolivia: Cochabamba - Multiculturalism, Globalization, and Social Change


Cameroon: Yaoundé - Development and Social Change


Chile: Santiago - Comparative Education and Social Change
Chile: Valparaiso - Cultural Identity, Social Justice, and Community Development
Chile: Arica - Public Health, Traditional Medicine, and Community Empowerment


China: Kunming - Health, Environment, and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Czech Republic

Czech Republic: Prague - Arts and Social Change


Ecuador: Quito - Comparative Ecology and Conservation
Ecuador: Quito - Development, Politics, and Languages


Ghana: Africa in the 21st Century

Iceland and Greenland

Iceland and Greenland: Climate Change and the Arctic


India: Public Health, Gender, and Community Action
India: Jaipur - Sustainable Development and Social Change


Indonesia: Bedulu, central southern Bali - Arts, Religion, and Social Change


Jordan: Geopolitics, International Relations, and the Future of the Middle East
Jordan: Refugees, Health, and Humanitarian Action


Kenya: Nairobi and Kisumu - Urbanization, Health, and Human Rights


Madagascar: Fort Dauphin - Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management


Malaysia: Money, Trade, and the New Silk Road


Mexico: Migration, Borders, and Transnational Communities


Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar - Nomadism, Geopolitics, and the Environment


Morocco: Rabat - Field Studies in Journalism and New Media
Morocco: Rabat - Migration and Transnational Identity
Morocco: Rabat - Multiculturalism and Human Rights


Nepal: Kathmandu - Development and Social Change
Nepal: Kathmandu - Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples


Netherlands: Amsterdam - International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender


Nicaragua: Managua - Youth Culture, Literacy, and Media


Panama: Panama City - Tropical Ecology, Marine Ecosystems, and Biodiversity Conservation


Peru: Cuzco - Indigenous Peoples and Globalization


Rwanda: Kagali - Post-Genocide Restoration and Peacebuilding


Samoa: Social and Environmental Change in Oceania


Senegal: Dakar - Global Security and Religious Pluralism

Serbia, Bosnia, & Kosovo

Serbia, Bosnia, and Kosovo: Peace and Conflict Studies in the Balkans

South Africa

South Africa: Durban - Community Health and Social Policy
South Africa: Cape Town - Multiculturalism and Human Rights
South Africa: Durban - Social and Political Transformation


Switzerland: Nyon/Geneva - Banking, Finance, and Social Responsibility
Switzerland: Nyon/Geneva - Global Health and Development Policy
Switzerland: Geneva - International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy


Tanzania: Arusha - Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology
Tanzania: Zanzibar - Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management

Tunisia & Italy

Tunisia and Italy: Politics and Religious Integration in the Mediterranean


Uganda: Kampala - Development Studies


Vietnam: Ho Chi Mihn City - Culture, Social Change, and Development

School of Russian and Asian Studies

Various Countries 

School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS)

SEA Semester


Caribbean: Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean 
Caribbean: Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

Caribbean, Europe/Mediterranean

Caribbean, Europe/Mediterranean: Oceans and Climate

Fiji/Samoa, New Zealand

Europe/Mediterranean: The Global Ocean
Fiji/Samoa, New Zealand: Sustainability in Polynesian Island Cultures and Ecosystems

Spanish Studies Abroad (SSA)


Argentina: Córdoba 


Cuba: Havana 

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico: San Juan


Spain: Alicante 
Spain: Barcelona  
Spain: Seville

SU Abroad - Syracuse University


China: Hong Kong


France: Strasbourg


Italy: Florence

University of Georgia Studies Abroad


Italy: Cortona

Vanderbilt in France (Aix-en-Provence)


France: Aix-en-Provence

Sewanee Summer Programs

During the summer, Sewanee faculty lead a number of study programs away from campus, both in the U.S. and abroad. The programs vary in size, duration, and degree of travel. For the Summer 2017, the following programs are available to Sewanee students:

Sewanee Sponsored Programs

Sewanee Summer in Bangladesh 
Sewanee Summer in Berlin
Sewanee Summer in China
Sewanee Summer in France
Sewanee Field Study in Iceland
Sewanee Summer Island Ecology Program
Sewanee Summer in Russia
Sewanee Summer in Spain
Sewanee Summer in Zambia
Sewanee Summer World War II Program

Sewanee Study Away Programs
Geology of the American West

Sewanee Students are also eligible to participate in the following programs through our enrollment arrangements with Rhodes and Centre Colleges:
Barbados - Research in Primate Behavior (Centre College)
France: Strasbourg - Early Summer Strasbourg Program (Centre College)
England: London - Rhodes in London (Rhodes College)
Europe (Various Locations) - Holocaust Travel Seminar (Rhodes College)

In addition to the above options, students may also study abroad during the summer through our pre-approved program list. Many of our study abroad partners offer summer programs at some of their centers. Students are encouraged explore those opportunities through the global activities map on the home page of the Office of Global Citizenship. 

If you would like to see a full list of programs or are having difficulty with this page, you may do so here