Office of Global Citizenship

Study Abroad / Away

The Office of Global Citizenship has approved over 400 programs in Africa, Asia, Australia and the South Pacific, Europe, and South America, the U.S., as well as at sea from which students can apply to study abroad. The programs vary in type. Some focus on independent research or service learning projects as part of the experience, while others offer opportunities for direct enrollment in which Sewanee students sign up for courses at another university and take courses alongside local students. Still other programs are group-centered, meaning the program participants travel and take classes together. Approximately one-half of students at the University of the South have an experience away from Sewanee in the form of semester , summer, or other short-term study abroad programs; community outreach; research; and internships. 

Sewanee faculty lead semester-long programs to Madrid, Paris, and multiple countries in Europe on the European Studies Program. More common, Sewanee faculty lead short-term programs (mostly over the summer) to parts of Asia, Africa, Central America, South America, the Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, and Europe. The programs led by Sewanee faculty provide students with opportunities to learn together and foster deep bonds among students.

Sewanee also works with several third-party study abroad program providers, including Arcadia, CET, Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE), Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS),  IES Abroad, Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA/Butler), International Partners for Service Learning (IPSL), Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS), and School of International Training (SIT). Most of the programs offered by the above providers are approved, though some are not. All of our providers have well-developed curricula and security protocols to provide a rewarding and safe academic experience. Increasingly, the programs also include research, internship, and community engagement opportunities for students to have more meaningful contact with their host communities. On the Office of Global Citizenship's homepage, we encourage you to explore our many programs on the interactive global activities map

You can learn more about study abroad opportunities, application procedures, and preparations for studying abroad on our website. We have organized information about study abroad into the following sections: