Office of Global Citizenship

Forms & Deadlines

‌In order to study abroad, students must both apply to the study abroad program providers directly and complete a number of forms for institutional purposes. It is imperative that students submit their materials in a timely way to ensure that they may receive approval for study abroad and, potentially, portable financial aid. All of the documents are available online, and several of them must be submitted online. 

Fall 2020 Study Abroad

Feb. 14 

  • Learning Objectives (Via TRM)

April 14  

  • Students studying abroad in Europe will have to complete an additional form known as GDPR. You will be contacted directly regarding the completion process.
*Please turn in a hard copy of the form to the office indicated. 

Summer 2020

March 4


April 14

  • Those attending programs in the EU will be required to complete an additional form.

You may request a transcript in your Banner account by going to Student Services > Academic Records. If you need assistance with requesting a transcript or navigating the Via TRM portal, contact Shawnee Scissom at