Office of Global Citizenship

For Families

Families should be excited by the prospects of a student traveling to enhance their education, experience personal growth, and deepen their understanding of what it means to be a global citizen, but studying away from Sewanee necessitates careful planning. At every step of the process of studying abroad -- selecting a program, planning fiances, preparing for travel, staying well, and welcoming the student home -- all require preparation and planning. To help students‌ and families to make appropriate decisions and plans, the Office of Global Citizenship has organized sections of its website to address financial considerations, staying well, safety concerns, support for your student, communications with families, and important dates related to the application process.

The Office of Global Citizenship wants all students to have opportunities to study away from Sewanee, if they wish, but when considering off-campus study opportunities, students and families should also frankly weigh the physical and emotional difficulties that students may encounter while away. Students who have mental health challenges will, at minimum, need to make arrangements to have access to medicine and/or counseling for the duration of their time away. Students and parents also need to recognize that laws and regulations on mental health provision differ from our own. None of these considerations inherently prevent students from studying abroad, but students and families should consider these issues when considering whether study away is advisable and which programs are appropriate for the student. 

To help students and families plan for the study abroad experience, the Office of Global Education has organized useful information and advice into the following sections: