Office of Global Citizenship

Finances and Study Abroad

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Study abroad can be expensive, therefore students and their families should take care in financial planning. In addition to the costs of the study abroad program, families may face additional costs such as vaccinations, passports, visas, and roundtrip transportation to the program site. Many of the study abroad program providers' websites have estimates on the costs of participating in their programs, including transportation to the program site. Students and families should read the study abroad program websites carefully to understand the actual costs of the programs. 

Under Sewanee's study abroad fee system, students who study abroad pay Sewanee's comprehensive charges for the semester (tuition, room, board, and mandated fees), and Sewanee pays the study abroad program provider on behalf of the student. The system allows families to continue to pay on a monthly installment plan, if they have set up such a system for the academic year. Some study abroad programs provide partial or no board or do not provide housing. In those cases, Sewanee refunds the room and all or partial board charges on a pro rata basis to the student's family. The refund is intended to cover the personal expenditures on room and board while on the study abroad program.

For information about financial aid while on study abroad programs, follow this link.