Office of Global Citizenship

The Office of Global Citizenship promotes study abroad as a means to realizing its mission by helping students:

  • Learn to communicate across cultures
  • Understand and be sensitivity to other cultures
  • Apply scientific and social scientific methodologies in various contexts
  • Express global issues through narrative and creative forms
  • Create solutions to global problems in local contexts
  • Understand historical patterns of globalization including cultural, economic and political forms of integration

All of the study abroad programs that Sewanee has approved address one or more of the above objectives. Some programs emphasize foreign language study and communication across cultures, while others focus on community engagement, individualized or group research, and problem-solving.

As the map of our global activities on the home page shows, Sewanee students have opportunities to study abroad in many countries and throughout the world. Students from all majors can go abroad as part of their courses of study at Sewanee. Many of the pre-approved programs offer thematic coursework and research opportunities on topics such as immigration and culture, public health, human rights, and environmental conservation, while other programs focus on particular disciplines such as mathematics, psychology, or business. Regardless of a student's interests and course of study, the Office staff can help the student to identify an appropriate (and exciting!) study abroad program.

The design of study abroad programs is highly varied.  Examples of different types include:

  • Direct enrollment at a university abroad;
  • Programs which emphasize service-learning and during which service is required along with courses taken;
  • Investigative programs which, after a preparatory period, give a student opportunities for independent research;
  • “Group-centered programs” through which students from the U.S. undertake courses together while in a location abroad.

Of course, there are also hybrids of those types listed above.  The umbrella of “study abroad” covers many different kinds of programs, at least one of which is likely to meet the needs of any interested student.