Office of Global Citizenship

RESEARCH. As global citizens, Sewanee students focus on global challenges, whether they are in far-flung countries or in neighboring counties. Issues such as sustainability, public health, poverty, community development, and race relations appear in all contexts, and Sewanee students learn about and develop tools to address such challenges in a variety of contexts. Students develop as global citizens through a variety of opportunities and in different contexts. In addition to traditional study abroad programs, Sewanee students take advantage of research, internship and service learning opportunities in the U.S. and abroad. Many of the internships work with organizations that address the needs of disadvantaged citizens, tackle environmental degradation, and address public health problems. On campus, students participate in student organizations that help them learn about the operation of international organizations or develop empathy for different cultures.

Every year, Sewanee sends students, faculty, and staff around the world not only to learn about other cultures and populations but also to discover how to respond to the challenges facing communities in other countries. Whether the students learn about micro-lending practices in Bangladesh, advocacy for women's rights in Tanzania, assistance to LGBT communities in Armenia, or child development in Grundy County, Tennessee, students actively work to address global issues. In the process they develop empathy for others and learn about their global responsibilities.

Sewanee also provides funding for students to explore the world on independent research projects in other countries. For example, the Biehl international research program funds student social science research projects on topics of their choosing. The Biehl Committee, composed of faculty from a variety of social science disciplines, works with students to develop manageable and innovative research proposals. Many more students work with Sewanee faculty on collaborative research projects that range from scientific research on biodiversity or diseases to photographic projects on community development in Haiti.

The Office of Global Citizenship takes as its mission to encourage and facilitate students gaining the necessary tools to address global issues. Those tools include the ability to communicate across cultures, empathy for citizens in a different context or with distinct perspectives, scientific and social scientific skills to analyze and remedy problems, and ability to communicate about such issues in written and artistic expression.

To explore the many and varied global opportunities available to Sewanee students, the Office of Global Citizenship has organized webpages on the following topics: