Office of Global Citizenship

Welcome to the website of the Office of Global Citizenship. The office is dedicated to promoting activities that link The University of the South with the rest of the world and training students to address global problems. As part of that effort, we strive to cultivate global citizens in our community who can effectively engage across boundaries -- linguistic, cultural, class, and religious -- and respond to challenges facing the world. 

The map displays some of the areas of the world where Sewanee students, faculty, and staff engage in global activities. By clicking on the dots on the map, you can explore Sewanee’s approved study abroad programs, community outreach projects, international student internships, and faculty and student research projects around the world. Several locations on the map have multiple programs and activities at the same site. You can learn about each of them by clicking on the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the window that displays information about the programs. Scrolling to the bottom will allow you to click on links to webpages with detailed information about each of the programs. For information about civic engagement activities in and around Sewanee, please follow the link to the Office of Civic Engagement.