Office of Global Citizenship

Faculty Resources

The Office of Global Citizenship offers support to faculty in a number of ways.

International Faculty Support:

The University welcomes international scholars to join the ranks of its faculty. International faculty and staff may receive assistance with visa applications, counsel on how to remain in compliance with regulations while in the U.S., and advice on international travel documentation. In addition, the University is committed to helping defray the cost of applying for U.S. immigration papers (visas and work permits). International faculty and staff who wish to visit Sewanee may explore the section of our website devoted to international faculty and staff.


Faculty who wish to conduct research abroad (with students or on their own) may meet with the Office staff to discuss possible sources of funding, travel documentation, and organizational aspects of collaborative research with students. The Career and Leadership and Development Office administers many internship and research assistanceship funds for students, which can be used by students off campus.

Faculty researchers should also work with the Sponsored Research Officer to identify sources of funding. The Undergraduate Research Office's website also has a list of potential internal and external grant opportunities available to faculty.

Guidance for Study Abroad Leaders:

The Office of Global Citizenship has developed a manual for study abroad program leaders. The manual provides guidance on the University's basic policies, forms that must be completed, risk management, budget construction, and general advice on how to manage study abroad programs well. To access the web version of the manual, follow the link to our section on organizing study abroad programs.

Teaching Resources:

The Office seeks to infuse globalization efforts throughout the University and the College curriculum, in particular. With support from the Center for Teaching, staff members lead discussions on how to add globalization modules to courses, as well as how to introduce global assignments into a class. Our webpage includes a section on teaching resources, which faculty are welcome to explore.