Office of Global Citizenship


The Office of Global Education was founded in 2015, and it was renamed the Office of Global Citizenship the following year. The creation of the Office signals the University of the South's growing commitment to global initiatives. The Office of Global Citizenship has become a hub for a number of related activities on campus, including the following: study abroad, study away, community engagement, international internships, and international research. The Office of Global Citizenship focuses its activities on providing a set of skills that students can use to address global problems, both at home and abroad. The skills include communication across cultures (and sub-cultures in the domestic context), cultural understanding and sensitivity, scientific and social scientific analysis, historical analysis of globalization, creative and narrative expression of perspectives on global issues, and innovative problem-solving. Using the above skill set as an orientation for the Office of Global Citizenship draws faculty from all divisions of the college into the activities of the center and expands the types of programs that contribute to the fostering of global citizenship. 

Our Mission: The Office of Global Citizenship prepares students to shoulder the responsibilities of global citizenship and address global challenges by:

  • Learning to communicate across cultures
  • Enhancing understanding of and sensitivity to other cultures
  • Applying scientific and social scientific methodologies in various contexts
  • Expressing global issues through narrative and creative forms
  • Creating solutions to global problems in local contexts
  • Understanding historical patterns of globalization including cultural, economic and political forms of integration

The Office of Global Citizenship has a staff that is committed to the Office's mission and to pursue inclusivity and equity in study abroad and globalization efforts on campus. To help the Office with its work, an advisory committee works with the Associate Dean of Global Education and other members of the office.

If you have questions about our efforts, feel free to stop by the Office of Global Citizenship in Carnegie 110, or call 931-598-3551.