Academic Success: Some Helpful Links

Please note: most of the links below are to non-Sewanee sites and may not always work!

Comprehensive Sites

  • Dr. Stephen Chow's video series "How to Get the Most Out of Studying."
  • This extensive Study Skills Help page was created by Dr. Carolyn Hopper, Learning Strategies Coordinator for the University Seminar at Middle Tennessee State University and author of Practicing College Learning Strategies, 5th ed., Wadsworth/CengageLearning, 2010.
  • University Survival: this HUGE web site boasts 300+ "student success topics," fortunately well organized. Scan through them, and/or refer students to the site.

Time Management

  • You are Not So Smart: A Celebration of Self Delusion - Procrastination
  • Time Mgmt Calendar (PDF Download) - Directions: Using a pen, mark in all of your standard commitments: classes, study time, practices, meal times, work-study assignments, and other regular responsibilities. You will want to stick to your commitments. Once they're on paper, they have to happen! Then use pencil to add in occasional, flexible activities.

"Multiple Intelligences" and Learning Styles

What kind of learner are you? What are your strongest "intelligences"? The sites below can offer some insight into how you best process information.