Here's what our students are saying about the program.

"The experience abroad has changed how I view the world, life, and myself…my study abroad experience will not just fade into my memories but continue to enrich and inspire my life forever."

"I’ll never forget going out for coffee after class with my Italian professor and some other students. At least once a week we would go and enjoy a cappuccino, a pastry and great, relaxing conversation – in Italian, of course!"

"The program (European Studies) is incredible. Something amazing happened every day."

"I went to an island where most people live in huts with no walls…very limited education…do not have TV’s…language barrier…these are the reasons why my experience was so meaningful and I learned so much."

"It rules! The semester in Spain gave me an interest and perspective on a global level that are integrated into my future plans."

"I saw the most beautiful thing in nature I’ve ever seen. It was the rise of the full moon over low tidal flats in Broome, Western Australia. It is called the stair case to the moon..."

"I am so thankful I had the opportunity to go."

Study Abroad Logo

This logo for Sewanee Study Abroad was designed by the Office of Communications at Sewanee after Larry Jones' son, Houston Jones, then age 9, insisted that the letters that spell Sewanee corresponded to the points of a compass. S-W-N-E do indeed represent every other letter in S-E-W-A-N-E-E.