Sewanee Poems

By Richard Tillinghast, C’62, with original lithographs by Joseph Winkelman, C’64.

Sewanee Poems is a new collection of four poems by noted poet Richard Tillinghast, C'62, lavishly illustrated by his contemporary Joseph Winkelman, C’64:

  • “Sewanee in Ruins” (Tillinghast’s epic rumination on the founding of the University in the troubled days following the American Civil War)
  • “Watcher Over the Dead” (an elegy to Andrew Lytle)
  • “Dappled Things” (an elegy to Ewing Carruthers)
  • “Sewanee When We Were Young” (Tillinghast’s latest Sewanee poem, commissioned for the University’s sesquicentennial anniversary celebration in 2007-08)

Hand-set on the finest paper, cloth bound and boxed, Sewanee Poems is a limited edition of 1,000 books, including 100 volumes bound in leather and cloth with a special collector’s box and gold-leaf pages.

	We came here from all eleven states of the old
	Confederacy and beyond, some of us nearly men
	At seventeen—five score of us or more:
	Athletes and aesthetes, machos and mama’s boys,
	Hell-raisers, bookworms, loners and party boys,
	Bridge players, jazz buffs, spikes and sacristy rats,
	From south of Broad and east of Abilene,
	Threadbare or rolling in dough, aristocrats
	And johnny-come-latelies, and everything in between.

-- “Sewanee When We Were Young”

Sewanee Poems      Sewanee Poems      Sewanee Poems

Sewanee Poems is sold through the Sewanee Gateway; visit the Sewanee gifts page for more information or to order your copy. The cost of the book was underwritten by generous gifts from a small group of alumni; proceeds from the book will support an internship endowment.

When Richard Tillinghast published his first collection of poetry in 1969, James Dickey called him “the best poet of the younger generation.” Tillinghast has since authored many more books of poems, as well as nonfiction. He has reviewed new poetry for the New York Times Book Review, and reviewed and written literary essays for the Wall Street Journal, the Washington PostThe New CriterionThe Irish Times, and the Dublin Review of Books. He has been a member of the faculty at Harvard, Sewanee, the University of California Berkeley, and the University of Michigan.

Joseph Winkelman studied at the Wharton School of Finance after leaving Sewanee, then at the University of Oxford, Ruskin School of Drawing. He has won international prizes for his prints, is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Watercolour Society and the Printmakers’ Council of Great Britain, and has been Artist in Residence at St John’s College, Oxford.

Richard Tillinghast      Joseph Winkelman