Sewanee Places

Sewanee Places: A Historical Gazetteer of the Domain and the Sewanee Area is the fifth book published by the Sewanee History Project. Authors Gerald L. Smith and Sean T. Suarez have produced an alphabetical work that includes the history of places in Sewanee as well as some places beyond the Domain with Sewanee connections.

Smith, professor of religion, associate historiographer, and secretary of the Board of Trustees, and Suarez, C’08 and now studying religion at Yale University, previously collaborated on a chapter of Sewanee: Perspectives on the History of the University of the South entitled “The Loveliest Village: Gown and Town in Sewanee.”

Sewanee Places reflects more than four years of research and contains details and stories about everything from Abbo’s Alley to Yerger Springs. You can turn to any page, choose a selection, and learn an unexpected fact or just read a great story.

The project began as a field guide for Smith’s classes that contained maybe 50 entries; as the authors continued to study maps and archival documents, the project became a 400-page place study of Sewanee. Little known pieces of history are revealed and more than 40 never-before-published photos from Sewanee’s archives are included. The authors put it best: “Our work is not a theory of Sewanee but a presentation of Sewanee. A Sewanee of bricks and logs, of ditches and roads, of houses and chapels, of events and memories lived out in season and soil here, at the edge of the Cumberland Plateau. This place. Sewanee. These people. Here.”

Sewanee Places is sold through the University Bookstore; visit the bookstore website for more information, or call 1-(800) 422-1899 to order your copy.

 Sewanee Places: A Historical Gazetteer of the Domain and the Sewanee Area