All Saints’ Chapel

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At the spiritual and physical center of the University of the South lies All Saints’ Chapel. Photographer William Strode and Professor Emeritus of French J. Waring McCrady, C’59, have captured in all its complexity the distinctive history, sublime beauty, and deep spiritual meaning that All Saints’ Chapel has held for generations.

All Saints’ Chapel explores the tradition, the architecture, and the life of the Chapel in 112 pages of photographs both historic and current, including eight full-page transparency overlays of its resplendent stained-glass windows. McCrady’s commentary and captions describe the content and meaning of the windows, explain the history of the Chapel, and point out the fascinating quirks and details that might otherwise be missed.

As former University Chaplain Tom Ward, C’67, says in his introductory essay, “Students begin their Sewanee experience by signing the Honor Code in All Saints’; they end it by receiving their degree in that same great space… While our ways of being faithful to the Founders’ vision may have shifted over the years to accommodate the exigencies of one day or another, the center holds. All Saints’ is the center of Sewanee.”

A booksigning was held during Homecoming 2009; others will be scheduled during the year. All Saints’ Chapel is sold through the University Bookstore; visit the bookstore website for more information, or call 1-(800) 422-1899 to order your copy. The book was made possible by a generous gift from William M. Spencer, C’41; proceeds from the book will support an endowment for All Saints’ programs and ministry.

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Copies of All Saints’ Chapel are available for $45 each, plus shipping, handling, and sales tax if applicable.

The Authors

Professor Emeritus of French J. Waring McCrady

Professor Emeritus of French J. Waring McCrady (pictured), C’59, is the son of the University vice chancellor who designed and oversaw the historic transformation of the Chapel during the 1950s. McCrady received his master’s and Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina before returning to Sewanee as a long-time professor of French.

Tom Ward, C’67, was Sewanee’s 17th Rhodes Scholar. After attending Oxford, he received a Master of Divinity from Virginia Theological Seminary. Ward returned to Sewanee to serve as University Chaplain from 1994 to 2005.

William Strode shared two Pulitzer Prizes as a photographer for The Courier-Journal and was named national Photographer of the Year before he was 30. His photos appeared in exhibitions at the Smithsonian Institution, the Corcoran Gallery, and the Museum of Modern Art.